Value Added Tax Proclamation No. 208

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Last updated: 2 Nov 2011


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The Parlimentary Proclamation that currently governs the VAT regime at the Fedral Level. There are a few amendments and an implementing Regulation issued by the Council of Ministers.

fk:,.r-A-f ~1u&.I\?E "l ?fDh&.f?l.I?E tTl1l\h LFu/r./.\ ~;J6"" ..,;JfLlfJ FEDERAl. NEGARI.T?GAZETA OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA *,.f 1\,u?t-1\9"iI-t?f ~oP"" ?«i? ~.9" ADDIS ABABA 25th December,200S ~~ CONTENTS 01\?P:(- ~?I?C njj/~itji ~.9" Proclamation No. 609/2008 f.f?l.r.l,,,.,t h(}.?} ;l?hl?l j".,?i7i f /.. h?P~ ... 1K? QitEf(fji". Value Added Tax (Amendm~Jlt) Proclamation Page 4371 1\"~ eIITC .ZfHllitli 0 PROCLAMATION NQ,,609/2008. if if A A PROCLAMATION TO AMEND THE VALUE ADDED TAX PROCLAMATION f1"tJJ.??7t ,. ;t-hfa }?\tp~ ~TC " WHEREAS, it has become necessary to amend the f:Xil??1/l.i1.fjg?}a?fif7iA:ttf1&.I\?l. {J?lj (JoP11 ?1:1 Value Added Tax Proclamation NO. 285/2002; (Jh.""~W f~.e..t--I\-e ~}IOht""?.~-e tTllt\.h NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55 (1) il11 OfJr}O)p."" tt:)~?\ :1(; 1C1?i?I h1~f) /fi/ "C; and (11) of the Constitution of the fed~ral. Democratic . II~I ODIPI."" fO?.h1"t?\(IJ.;t-ro.~A:: Republic of Ethiopia it is hereby proclaimed as foUows:? .li.~ 1. Short Title .eu Xtp~ "f 1" . liflJ.LI"J t .., ;t-h fa II"J if ? I " This Proclamation may? be cited. as the "Value tttp.~ ~TC ?;fjj/~itfi" 1".(Jt\" t\.m~fa Added Tax (Amendment) Proclamation No. .e:fl\A:: 609/2008". ? I.~ 2. Ameridment The Value A~ded TaxP.roclamation;No. 285/2002 f1"lJ.Ll"Jt ,. ;t-hfa }?ltp~ ~TC " is hereby amended as follpws: ?0 !lXY(;IIi!fjg" "}~~h1"t?\l& 1"?li~!\.A 1 !il ftttp:q: it"}4»7\ !l10.fa it"}cI?7\ 19l 1"(}CJf 11 Sub-Article (4) of Article:2 of the Prbclamation (J~h1"t?\o" ttJtfa "}o-fa !itr}~7\ Igl is repealed and amended by?the following new 1"1"h;tA1 Sub-Article (4): . "9.1" 11t?\P? A I"J ..,.tlJ") " t?\""f 1?1. r- W f "4/ ?Authority? means the Ethiopian Revenues 1f1.j1J:fC; "?9"~h 1lt\l?uA tlJ"} ?1OJ-1" and Customs Authority;" 0 n~ 1?;J r.."I.+.. 1016 :.IcJ 1076+ ;JJl.1Il ;Unit tft ? ~rlce ~ Negarit G. P.O.Box 80001 D i g i t a l E t h i o p i a P L C ,
Posted: 01 May 2011, last updated 2 November 2011

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