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Last updated: 16 Dec 2011


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The total market for roofing materials in Turkey is approximately 98 million square meters, which is approximately $1.1 billion. The market grew 50% from 2002-2007 and local experts expect a 6%-8% growth in 2008. The share of roofing materials expenditures used to be low compared to the total building materials market in Turkey. It was approximately one percent for residential units, which in Turkey are usually multifloor units, and around ten percent for commercial buildings. Local contractors believed that roofing brought additional costs to the building that weren’t commensurate with the benefits. However, the middle and upper classes are generally able to afford two residences, one for winter and one as a summer villa, and are demanding superior quality products. Most of the winter residences are multistory and concrete apartments located in the larger cities, raising living standards, and increasing the ability to access the cities via better highways are giving opportunities to middle-to-high income people to move from the cities and live in private suburban houses. This trend in roofing materials provides opportunities for U.S. suppliers to export shingles, and other high quality specialty products.


By Berrin Erturk


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Posted: 15 December 2009, last updated 16 December 2011

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