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4CMart E-commerce Taiwan, Inc.

Manufacturing, Export & Internet commerce, China

Main Area of Expertise: Car Rental Services in China

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Please consider the installing Solar Water Heater VT-200

Our company is making solar water heater with latest Vacuum Tube of heat generator, which creates the highest temperature among all solar heaters.

VT-200 confiures stainless metal frame, 200L (45 gallons) tank, and 20 pcs of vacuum tubes... Please visit for details.



Please Join International Net of Rental Car

Dear Owner of the Car or Rental Company,

We take the advantage of web service and online-shop style to do the car rental business.

With several clear pictures of the car for tourist’s choice is the very strength.

We aim the link of  international airports and cities, in addition to scenic spot directory.

We invite you to join the net and share our customers. Before we transfer order to you, no fee is required.

Please visit  .

Every year, millions of tourists, exhibitors and businessmen come from Asia. We might list your tour package also on our scenic directory. scenic spots.htm         


4CMart E-commerce Taiwan, Inc.
Howard Tsai, CEO

Category of expertise: China: Car Rental Services 
Primary location: Shanghei, China
Languages spoken: Chinese, English
Date of creation: 2008
A member of:

Car rental

Chambre of Commerce





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