Sell Of Commodities & Sugar in Argentina


Sell Of Commodities & Sugar, Argentina

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Overview of AGRT&C


AGR (T&C) Trade & Consulting is an Argentinian company developing international business with agriculture commodities, mainly from the South American Region. Today we operate in the international market with a large range of products to offer, among them are: Sugar (ICUMSA 45, 100/150 and 800/1200), Soybean GMO and non-GMO, Wheat, Yellow Corn, Wheat Flour, Refined and Crude Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Soybean, Corn, Palm, Canola, etc.), Rice, Milk Powder, Animal Feeds, Hides (Wet Salted, Wet Blue Hides, Crust, Finished Leather), Urea 46%, Iron Ore, etc.

The company acts as intermediary between highly qualified End-Sellers and Buyers all around the world, being a business facilitator with its clients. We consider each business as unique, taking care of all the financial and documentary procedures. Verifying and controlling the earnestness and genuiness among parties involved, participating during the whole negotiations development until the business gets done it’s our main goal.

Category of expertise: Argentina: Commodity Sales and Distribution , Sales Agents
Primary location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Other Locations Portugal,  Bulgaria
Date of creation: 2007
Number of employees: 10
Annual sales revenue: 1000000




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