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Glow in the dark paints, Germany

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Acmelight Company is developing and producing glow in the dark painting products for all spheres of construction and renovation, design and advertising, safety and evacuation systems. Glowing paint Acmelight TM is the revolutionary technology, working on the basis of luminous pigment , which is able to convert absorbed energy into the glowing at the darkness.
Trademark Acmelight is presented by the wide range of high-qualified glow in the dark paints. We use modern equipment and up-to-date technology, developed by our technologists during production. All products of Acmelight TM have sanitary-epidemiological certificate, Material Safety Datasheet and European certificate of quality.
Acmelight Company proposes new idea for business – glowing paints. What is it? It is a special composition, which makes painted surface to absorb the light and to emit it at the darkness. In other words, painted by glowing paint object will be glowing on its own.

Category of expertise: Germany: Chemical Sales and Distribution , Export Management
Primary location: Germany
Date of creation: 2005




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