Cargo Agent/Freight Forwarder in Syria

Alburak Cargo

Cargo Agent/Freight Forwarder, Syria

Main Area of Expertise: Air Freight in Syria

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The BURAQ had the honor to carry the prophet Muhammad peace and mercy upon him in a unique journey that no other human being had to the heavens and the skies, all that happened in one night was called Al-Isra' and Al-Mi'raj.
When the prophet went to Jerusalem, and was the leader (Imam) for all the others prophets in the prayer. Then he, peace and mercy upon him, went up to see all the heavens and paradises, he went up and up until he reached the Sudra, the highest point that a human can reach.
And concerning that holy mission that Allah give BURAQ the honor to perform, we took our commercial name, AL-BURAQ, which is very safe and quick to forward and transfer from Syria to anywhere all over the world and vise versa.

Category of expertise: Syria: Air Freight , Freight Forwarder
Primary location: Damascus, Syria




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