Prelegal & Legal Debt Recovery in Turkey

Ars Consultancy

Prelegal & Legal Debt Recovery, Turkey

Main Area of Expertise: Debt Collection in Turkey

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Overview of Ars Consultancy


ARS Consultancy, is the first Turkey located Debt Collection Office who has the broadest client network (more than 100 contries) all around world. Via our ‘No Win No Fee’ principle, we enable our clients to pay all lawyer and consultancy fees after a succesful recovery. We have %78 succes rate in pre-legal debt collection which are mainly composed of sending offical demand letters specific to the claim (email,fax,post), phone calls by debt collection specialists (verified numbers) and site visits. Our main office is located in one of the most central areas of ?stanbul (Levent) and we have the capacity to follow debt collection files in all 81 cities of Turkey. Our young and entreperenuer team is experienced mainly in debt collection agents who are native speakers in Turkish (and also fluent in English) and lawyers who are specialized in enforcement law for more than 15 years.  ‘Breaking intercultural barriers’ is our job to reach better communication, composure and care.


Category of expertise: Turkey: Debt Collection 
Primary location: Istanbul, Turkey
Date of creation: 4.July.2011
Number of employees: 5
A member of:

Turkish American Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Turkish American Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Maritime Trade





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