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Technology Sales Representation in Mexico in Mexico


Technology Sales Representation in Mexico, Mexico

Primary location: Mexico City, Mexico
Main Area of Expertise: Sales Agents in Mexico


Lawrence McDaniel

Owner / Entrepreneur

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  • Main:   English
  • Spanish

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Overview of AXIA

Your Local Presence in Mexico


AXIA, an American-owned firm based in Mexico City, is an independent sales representative for U.S. software and technology companies in Mexico, Central America and South America. Let us help you take your first step towards entering the Latin American Market. Establishing a physical presence in Mexico via a pay-as-you-go scheme with Axia costs a lot less than you might believe, and gets your Latam strategy moving forward a lot faster than you might have believed. We’re a small, high impact firm dedicated to helping US software and technology companies achieve success in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Enjoy personalized attention from a small, focused team with the skills that you need to extend your reach into Mexico, Central America and South America. We work exclusively with US and Canadian technology companies with proven best-in-class products and services who are ready to grow into the Latin American Market.

Website: http://www.axiatraders.com/
Category of expertise: Mexico: Sales Agents , Payment Solutions, Business Centers, Economic Research, Starting In Import/Export, Localization, Translation Services, Market Entry, Market Research, Business Development, Business Intelligence, Marketing Consulting, Trade Data, Labeling Requirements
Primary location: Mexico City, Mexico
Languages spoken: English , Spanish
Date of creation: 2006
Number of employees: 4
Annual sales & revenues: $5,000,000 USD


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  • Larry Weinhoff wrote on 04-30-2013

    I've worked with AXIA partners for years. Highly effective and very knowledgable. A pleasure to do business with.

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