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BreemanRhodes Consulting LLC

International Trade Va, United States

Main Area of Expertise: Customs Brokerage in the United States

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Overview of BreemanRhodes Consulting LLC


BreemanRhodes Consulting LLC offers a unique service to the international trade community.. Administrative Consultant and an International Trade Specialist, all in one.  With over 18 years experience working in the international trade field, in both import and export, we can assist your businesses growth by acting as your support service.  Armed with both a Customs Brokers License and Export Compliance Professional accreditations, we are willing to assist your company through that next import/export project without you having to hire someone full time in your company. Try using an International Trade Administrative Consultant today! 

Category of expertise: United States: Customs Brokerage , Business Administration, Starting In Import/Export, Customs Support, Duties and Tariffs, Agribusiness Regulations, Export Documentation, Labeling Requirements, Temporary Imports/Exports, Trade Compliance
Primary location: Falls Church, United States
Date of creation: 2010
Number of employees: 1




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