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Bridgewater Nigeria Limited

Importers, Exporters & Reps, Nigeria

Main Area of Expertise: Distributors in Nigeria

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Overview of Bridgewater Nigeria Limited


Bridgewater Nigeria Limited is a duly incorporated Limited Liability Company with Registration Certificate Number RC: 709802. It is involved in the importation of consumer products, exportation and the buying and selling of exportable commodities globally.

As a direct sales company, it evaluates both the domestic and international consumer trends and identifies the appropriate product or service to provide the consumer.

Bridgewater Nigeria Limited also represents foreign manufacturers and wholesalers who are looking for genuine companies to partner with in Nigeria. The Nigerian market is the largest in Africa.

Furthermore, we are professional intermediaries who act as legally defined buyers and sellers in the title of goods being offered in our own right. We buy goods from undisclosed principals and we sell to undisclosed principals. When dealing with us, there are no ambiguities.

Category of expertise: Nigeria: Distributors , Commodity Sales and Distribution, Export Management
Primary location: Lagos, Nigeria
Languages spoken: English
Date of creation: 2007
Number of employees: 10
Annual sales revenue: $1,000,000




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