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Overview of Cascade Star, Inc.


Cascade Star is a U.S. based export management and distributor company specializing in the export of U.S.-manufactured heavy machinery and U.S.-grown fruit commodities to India and the import of finished and custom designer jewelry to the U.S. for sale to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  We have over 20 employees and 5 branches in India with gross revenues exceeding $5 million per annum.  We offer export management services to SMEs and act as the authorized distributor and sales force for their products in India.  We leverage our India infrastructure to identify market entry strategies, find buyers, and provide after-sales support.  Cascade Star removes the headaches of logistics, communication, culture, foreign exchange, and payment issues from the process of exporting your goods and services to India and allows you to focus on your core business while increasing your revenues through a new export market in India. 

Category of expertise: India: Commodity Sales and Distribution , Market Entry, Custom Manufacturing, Sourcing Services, Consumer/Household Goods Sales and Distribution, Distributors, Export Management, Medical Products Sales and Distribution, Machinery Sales and Distribution, Metal Sales and Distribution, Plastics Sales and Distribution, Sales Agents, Vehicles/Parts Sales and Distribution, Wholesalers
United States: Export Management
Primary location: Seattle, United States
Other Locations India
Date of creation: 1991
Number of employees: 10
Annual sales revenue: 5,000,000
A member of:

American Association of Exporters and Importers





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