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CiGDM (CUSTOMS Info/Global Data Mining)

Optimize GTM, United States

Primary location: Arrizona, United States
Main Area of Expertise: Customs Support in the United States


Lori Bertelli

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Offering better strategies to move goods faster


Specializes in Master Data Management (MDM). The Classification Desktop™ is the premier solution for companies struggling to manage large classification projects, across a geographically dispersed organization, with classification responsibility for multiple countries and multiple business units. CUSTOMS Info (Ci) and its sister company Global Data Mining (GDM) provide enterprise solutions to help businesses optimize global trade management (GTM) systems and streamline global trade automation.  Ci provides the world’s most comprehensive trade data repository delivered via web-based subscription or as data to populate any GTM or Landed Cost application. GDM helps multi-national companies increase the informational value of trade data and the productivity of global trade staff to reduce operating costs, improve customs compliance, accelerate supply chain speed and maximize the return on investment of this corporate function.

Website: http://www.gdmllc.com
Category of expertise: United States: Customs Support , Import Export Software, Business Intelligence, Trade Data, Duties and Tariffs, Supply Chain Services
Primary location: Arrizona, United States
Languages spoken: English



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