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About: Conquer Research Pvt. Ltd, founded in 2011, having it√Ęs headquarter in Mumbai, have custom research fieldwork and data collection capabilities across India. With over 20 full time employees managing and supervising the work of over 100 interviewers on any given day, we can conduct over 1,80,000 interviews annually. Over and above this, we can also conduct additional 10000+ interviews per year in CATI.

We have 3 base field offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore & are planning to add 10 more offices in a span of one year. This would be covering other major cities, covering pan India and the heterogeneous population of the country. We have a pool of trained and skilled manpower to conduct interviews in local languages (apart from English) - the key to high quality data collection.
Category of expertise: India: Market Research 
Primary location: Mumbai, India




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