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Cornhill FX

Currency Consultant, United Kingdom

Main Area of Expertise: Foreign Exchange in the United Kingdom

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Overview of Cornhill FX


Cornhill FX are part of Cornhill Capital Group of companies. The foreign exchange arm of the business helps both corporates and individuals who need to exchange currency in order to import/export or to buy a property overseas.

As you may be aware, a high street bank will not typically offer a competitive foreign exchange service.  This is due to these institutions previously having a monopoly in the foreign exchange market and additionally their clients not having an alternative to go to.  As a result, this gives me the opportunity to improve on their lack of productivity and poor currency exchange rates.  I personally like to offer a much guided service, giving clients the opportunity to make informed decisions and ultimately trying to reduce their risk.  This will therefore maximise their monetary return and create a considerable saving over their current provider.

if you need to make a payment overseas, get in touch and I can talk you through how I can help at Cornhill FX.


Jamie Hughes

Category of expertise: United Kingdom: Foreign Exchange 
Primary location: United Kingdom
Annual sales revenue: £5bn




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