Global Trading in Hong Kong SAR

CrankPro Hong Kong Ltd.

Global Trading, Hong Kong SAR

Main Area of Expertise: Starting In Import/Export in China

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Overview of CrankPro Hong Kong Ltd.


CrankPro is an international trading and service company in the fields of consumer and capital goods. Its core business is in the product development and trading of innovative products and problem solvers. The patent licensing and business development on behalf of the customer, complete the services offered. With a lot of innovation and know-how is CrankPro one of the first and only retail companies, which focuses in the background of the global players on the development and implementation of new product ideas.

Category of expertise: China: Starting In Import/Export , Expat Assistance, Translation Services, Intellectual Property Law, Business Development, Market Entry, Sourcing Services, Quality Control, Product Safety, Custom Manufacturing, Engineering Consulting, Export Documentation, Customs Support, Duties and Tariffs, Distributors, Freight Forwarder, Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Road Freight, Rail Freight
Hong Kong SAR: Starting In Import/Export, Office Rental, Expat Assistance, Translation Services, Business Development, Duties and Tariffs, Customs Support, Road Freight, Rail Freight, Ocean Freight, Freight Forwarder, Air Freight
Germany: Import Export Software, Business Coaching, Business Start-Up Services, Expat Assistance, Translation Services, Intellectual Property Law, Patent Database, Business Development, Market Entry, Market Research, Custom Manufacturing, Engineering Consulting, Product Safety, Quality Control, Sourcing Services, Customs Support, Export Documentation, Distributors, Electronics/Telecom. Sales and Distribution, Consumer/Household Goods Sales and Distribution
Primary location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
Other Locations China,  United States,  Germany
Languages spoken: English
Date of creation: 2009
Number of employees: 12




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