Copper Brass Bronze NickelSilver:Bars,wire,strips


Copper Brass Bronze NickelSilver:Bars,wire,strips

Main Area of Expertise: Custom Manufacturing in Peru

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Overview of Cupralsa


We are a ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and exporter of,
Copper Brass Bronze NickelSilver: Bars, Rod, Wire and Strips
- Brass rod and wire for machining, forging and cold heading.
- Welding and brazing wire.
- Zipper flat wire and EDM wire.
- Earth ground copper bars.
- High Copper alloys: Cadmium Copper, Phosphor Bronze, Silicon Bronze, Tellurium Bearing, Magnesium Copper.
- Copper suspension wire, trolley: plain and grooved.
- Lead-free free cutting Brass.
- Nickel-free ecological Nickel silver and Nordic Gold wire & strips.
- Copper Nickel and Manganin resistance heating wire.
- Bronze bearings: solid and hollow.
- Electrolytic copper and brass anodes, balls and chunks.
- Copper roof nails and spikes.  Silicon Bronze boat nails.
- Screws and rivets.
- Coins and tokens for slot machines.

Category of expertise: Peru: Custom Manufacturing , Manufacturing Management
Primary location: Lima,
Other Locations Peru
Languages spoken: English , Spanish
Date of creation: 1976
Number of employees: 50
Annual sales revenue: 3 Million Dollars
A member of:

Peruvian American Chamber of Commerce

Peruvian Trade Fair Association





References and clients: BBVA Banco Continental, Peruvian Mint, Iljin Electric, Tecnofil SA, Metales Industriales Copper.

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Copper Brass Bronze NickelSilver:Bars,wire,strips

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