Real-Time Currency Analysis in Canada

Currency Optimizer Inc.

Real-Time Currency Analysis, Canada

Main Area of Expertise: Economic Research in Canada

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Overview of Currency Optimizer Inc.


Currency Optimizer offers a service/software solution that brings real - time analysis of the foreign exchange markets to the desktop computer. They help Canadian exporters make safer, more profitable USD/CAD transactions, and protect their profits from increasingly volatile exchange rates.

Desktop alert technology delivers timely technical analysis bulletins, and daily video presentations brief subscribers who need to know the optimal times throughout the business day to buy and sell US and Canadian Dollars.

Their goal is to protect the lifeblood of Canadian businesses who deal internationally, importing or exporting materials, products and services, so they keep more of their earnings

Category of expertise: Canada: Economic Research , Import Export Software
Primary location: Toronto, Canada
Languages spoken: English
Date of creation: 2010
Number of employees: 3
Annual sales revenue: < $100,000
A member of:

Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters





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