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In 1997, David founded DiSanto & Associates a Supply Chain/Transportation/Distribution Analysis & Optimization firm which assists companies in re-alignment of logistics/ distribution networks, cost reduction in all facets of supply chain utilizing networking capabilities and cost strategies. Focus includes carrier assessment capabilities, quality carrier program, negotiations, monitoring systems, routing expertise, for both domestic and international logistics. Utilization of vast networking web of capabilities, addressing many other supply chain facets/ issues within the business unit. Assisting and complimenting existing logistic programs and challenges.

Category of expertise: United States: Supply Chain Services 
Primary location: Burlington, United States
Date of creation: 09/21/1997
Number of employees: 3
Annual sales revenue: 250,000




References and clients: Unilever, Permatex, Shakeproof, ITW, Yankee Candle, Wal-Mart, Heartware, Hesser College, Daymar College, Bayer Corp.

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