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ENSCo.,Ltd (CAD CE FEA Services)

CADCAEFEA Services industrials, Vietnam

Main Area of Expertise: Custom Manufacturing in Americas

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Our staff are engineers, masters have a lot of experience and comes from the mechanical engineering, automation, construction, and numerical simulation.CAD/FEA/CFD is a new trend and need for technical enterprise applications in many fields, especially in the field of engineering mechanics and construction, two sectors that ENSCo. Is very interest in. Criteria work as "the credibility and effectiveness" with support from veteran professors, doctors in international mechanical and numerical simulation. Our products comply with international standards and resolved by the high-end softwares most via CATIA/ABAQUS/ Ls-Dyna with the lowest cost. Therefore, we are confident will satisfy customers. We are proud to be a breath of fresh air in the field of Design & Simulation (CAD / CAE) in Vietnam and hope to bring the most advanced technical solutions for you.
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Category of expertise: Americas: Custom Manufacturing , Engineering Consulting, Product Safety, Quality Control
Primary location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Languages spoken: English
Date of creation: 2013
Number of employees: 15




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