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Main Area of Expertise: Customs Brokerage in Brazil

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Overview of Eurotins Customs Brokers & Logistics Ltd.


Eurotins Consulteria, Desembaraço Aduaneiro e Logistica is a company based in Palmas - Tocantins, Brazil. We are Customs consultants/brokers and agents as regulated by local/federal law and offer our services to trading companies, import-export companies, industries, commercial companies, etc. We do air, sea and land customs clearing and are present in all the northern ports of Brazil. We are specialized in special imports, temporary imports as well as corporate, industrial or private relocating. We are in a position to give a door to door service without going to intermediary companies. For further information please contact us through our info on the web.

Category of expertise: Brazil: Customs Brokerage , Movers/Removals, Customs Support, Export Documentation, Temporary Imports/Exports, Logistics Consulting, Supply Chain Services, Warehousing
Primary location: Fortaleza/Pecèm/Viracopolis, Brazil
Other Locations Netherlands,  Italy
Languages spoken: Dutch, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Date of creation: 2007
Number of employees: 9
Annual sales revenue: $R600'000




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