Export All Egyptian Products  in Egypt

Nader Riad Boulos and Partners For Int. Trade

Export All Egyptian Products, Egypt

Main Area of Expertise: Export Management in Egypt

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Overview of Evelyn Habib


In Egypt, we have world-class manufacturing   companies who employ state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality products, such as

         Real leather, cotton fabrics & garments, belly dancing costumes and accessories,
         Cosmetics, jewelry, imitated and genuine antiques, agricultural  products.
         Papyrus , alabaster  candle holders,  and other handicrafts which depict the nature of our ancient Egyptian civilization and culture.
         Furniture and decorative furniture,  live animals, crystal chandeliers and handmade carpets.
         Canned foods,  flavours, confectionaries, Shisha, charcoal and molasses tobacco.
         Household  and building supplies, Hotels requirements, gold and silver gift items. 
         Fresh fruits, vegetables & flowers, and foodstuff.
         Designing and manufacturing empty cartons having your company logo.

Category of expertise: Egypt: Export Management 
Primary location: Egypt, Egypt
Date of creation: 1997
Number of employees: 6
Annual sales revenue: 000000




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