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Organic Bio-Fertilizer, Malaysia

Main Area of Expertise: Agribusiness Consulting in Malaysia

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Chemical fertilizers in farming sector are unhealthy toxin to the beings and will cause serious illnesses. Additionally, the chemical ingredients will spoil the good elements of soil and finally the farmer will incur additional expense to re-nourishing the soil. YC Organic Liquid Bio-Fertilizer is a replacement for chemical fertilizer and it is not only healthy to the people, but also helping the farmers to cut down their overall cost of production, gain much better profits and higher productivity.


Chin MW, is the entrepreneur for his wonderful fertilizer : YC Organic Liquid Bio-Fertilizer. He strongly upholds green earth for our next generations and healthy foods for end users. At the same time, he also provides this product to farm producers worldwidely that can help them to reduce the overall cost of production, obtain much better productivity and better profits. Appreciating from

Category of expertise: Malaysia: Agribusiness Consulting 
Primary location: Malaysia




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