Product Inspection, Translation, Interpretatopn in Romania


Product Inspection, Translation, Interpretatopn, Romania

Main Area of Expertise: Inspection Services in Romania

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Overview of FISBIZ


FISBIZ Pty Limited is the first professional company in China providing fundamental and integrated business assurance services at low cost for medium and small sized foreign business. FISBIZ has a long tradition of serving foreign buyers and investors. The broad range of FISBIZ capabilities includes supplier verification and assessment, purchasing order management and monitoring, product inspection, shipment monitoring and assurance, supply chain exploring and sales channel development, as well as integrated assistant and services for business travels across China.

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Category of expertise: Romania: Inspection Services 
China: Interpreting, Localization, Translation Services, Language Training, Engineering Consulting, Product Safety, Quality Control, Sourcing Services
Primary location: Suzhou, Romania
Other Locations China
Languages spoken: English




References and clients: At FISBIZ, we provide tailor-made services that touch thousands of foreign SMEs sourcing and manufacturing in China. We provide you with best-in-class verification, inspection, order monitoring and business assistant services across China. Our services enable you to operate the business in a more secure and advantageous manner by reducing the risk, assuring the quality, improving efficiency and minimizing operation expenses. Professionalism and loyalty to customers make us distinguished in the industry. From verifying a company and inspecting products, to arranging the most convenient business travels and provide language or commercial assistances, we provide solutions that really make a difference. With our dedicated teams and individuals that have industry-leading knowledge and skills, we assure you to do business with Chinese partners for the right product and right quality, in the right time and right place.

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Product Inspection, Translation, Interpretatopn:Romania

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