Travel Facilitation,Egypt in Egypt

Gateway To Egypt

Travel Facilitation,Egypt, Egypt

Main Area of Expertise: Travel Agency in Egypt

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Gateway To Egypt boasts an experience of 15 years in leading tours to Egypt & conducting Nile Cruises plus Adventure Safaris into the Egyptian Deserts.

Gateway To Egypt is aware of the crucial role tourism revenue plays in the world's economy. But unfortunately in the past the tourist industry has been based on modes of traditional tourism that has frequently dashed with the preservation of heritage and culture and the rapid expanding growth of tourism has serious implications for the safeguarding of the world wide culture and heritage and all too often causing more harm than good.

We all have the right to travel the world, yet we have to accept our responsibility to respect other people's places and ways of life and try as we visit to cause good and avoid the harm as much as possible.

Category of expertise: Egypt: Travel Agency 
Primary location: Cairo, Egypt




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