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All Modes Of Transportation, Uruguay

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We are a worldwide freight information provider closely connected with physical service providers, as well as financial service providers, freight derivative brokers and freight index rates.
Our online portal ( gives you the flexibility to lock in your shipping rate, bid on it for volume and the ability to hedge your freight rates in the physical market using container derivatives. Container derivatives are a risk management tool, which allows you to manage your freight exposure to ocean rate volatility for as far out as the next 23 months. They are currently based on the SCFI Shanghai – NW Europe and Shanghai – US West Coast trade lanes, as well as the WCI’s eleven different global routes. Whilst container derivatives are mainly traded OTC, they are cleared by various international clearing houses, including London Clearinghouse (LCH) and Singapore Clearinghouse (SGX), in order to eliminate counterpart risk.

Primary location: miami, Uruguay
Date of creation: 2001
Number of employees: 5
Annual sales revenue: 300,000
A member of:

International Business Association





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