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Trade Of Chemical Products., China

Main Area of Expertise: Sourcing Services Worldwide

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Liu Zhimin, was born in 1973, graduated from Peking University in business administration.1997 to 2002, Hebei Friends of Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. Director of the Office of the Director of Assessment Office, the Minister of Production and Security Minister; from 2002 to 2006, the production manager of Handan Asia Sheng Chemical Co., Ltd.; 2006 and 2008, Handan Asahi Chemical Co.,production manager and technical advisor of the company, successful development Versatate nine, and successfully market; 2008 and 2010, through self-study, to obtain ISO certification auditors; 2010 to 2012, the Handan Yu Shuo chemical trading company sales manager.

Business management, marketing and international trade of chemical products

Category of expertise: Worldwide: Sourcing Services , Custom Manufacturing, Chemical Sales and Distribution
Primary location: HanDan, China
Date of creation: 2008、08、8
Number of employees: 489


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  • Marc Prunel wrote on 11-06-2012

    Mr. I've already made ​​2 orders 1) CAS 6740-88-1 100g and 100g of CAS1867-66-9 MTCN: 193 124 2313 (Western Union) 2) 200g CAS 77-10-1 302 908 7697 MTCN (Western Union) these two cases are followed by JASMINE, the first order was not compliant products were ineffective. Nevertheless I still made ​​the second command is PCP, the product was controlled for 20 hours to German customs, and I was even when delivered (number of followed DHL 9970946285) this means that very clear way of the product contained in the package was not PCP, after some tests, like the first, the products were not what I order, it is close to a scam, I'm waiting for the answers Jasmine how you will regularize this situation

  • Marc Prunel wrote on 11-17-2012

    Mr. Liu Zhimin you are a cheat and a liar you are not manufacturers just resellers sending non-compliant products after you hide, you do not answer more messages in addition to being cheaters, you are cowards it is because of people like you that trade on the net has become a trade dangerous you do not respect your customers you do not respect your country you do not comply, I'll put it on the net all conversations and messages we exchanged to show everyone that your company is a company of crooks

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References and clients: We are the formal registration of the company, was founded a few years, praised by customers at home and abroad, and no deceit!. We are not for a mere money damage to the company reputation! Our company is LOOKCHEM Gold Member, you can check our credibility, what the problem may also complained to them! You purchase it or not, we will put you as a friend! Welcome to visit our factory, and I hope we win-win cooperation!

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