Intl Aec Pre-Design Stage B.I. in United States


Intl Aec Pre-Design Stage B.I., United States

Main Area of Expertise: Market Research in the United States

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Overview of ICD-Research


We proide International AEC pre-design stage, mega-project business intelligence into 25,000+ projects around the world.  We are the world leader in providing our client firms with timely intelligence that empowers their growth strategies into target markets and sectors whereever that may be in the world.  This empowers their business development efforts by shortening the sales cycle and adding to the bottom-line quicker, with less risk. 

My expertise is in having used most of the competition's similar products and services that target only two or three countries, as a small design/build firm owner.  If it is important to you to grow internationally, and then have our team qualify leads according to your criteria, then we should talk and have an online demo of our platform and services.  -I know you'll be impressed!

Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions.

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(T) 415-800-0336, ext. 110


Category of expertise: United States: Market Research , Marketing Consulting, Business Intelligence
Brazil: Business Intelligence, Market Research
Canada: Business Intelligence, Market Research
Russia: Market Research, Business Intelligence
Turkey: Business Intelligence, Market Research
India: Business Intelligence, Market Research
China: Business Intelligence, Market Research
South Korea: Business Intelligence, Market Research
Qatar: Business Intelligence, Market Research
Primary location: San Francisco, United States
Other Locations Australia,  United States,  United Kingdom
Date of creation: July 18th, 2011
Number of employees: 3000
Annual sales revenue: unknown




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