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Your Global Logistics Partner, Bangladesh

Main Area of Expertise: Freight Forwarder in Bangladesh

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JMH Logistics Limited. was founded in 2007 by long-established and successful international freight forwarding entrepreneurs equipped with quality transportation and logistics concepts. A young and dynamic organization, JMH possesses equally rich and unique resources in international freight forwarding and customs house brokerage services such as valuable logistlical solutions and the latest technological aids.
The founders of JMH felt there was a clear demand from shippers and consignees to be provided with freight forwarding services of the highest levels of industry standards. To this end, each has committed to the practice of totally ethical principles and the company's guarantee of reliable, honest and efficient freight forwarding.
Every major port in the world, both air and ocean is serviced by our organization. Our main office, which is located in Dhaka is linked with exclusive freight forwarders in each country of the world.

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Category of expertise: Bangladesh: Freight Forwarder , Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Warehousing, Marine Consultancy, Third Party Logistics
Primary location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Other Locations Iran,  Colombia,  Austria,  Slovakia,  Morocco,  Croatia,  Ecuador,  Bosnia and Herzegovina,  F.S. of Micronesia,  Argentina,  Ethiopia,  D.P. Congo,  Iraq,  Albania,  Indonesia,  Cuba,  Nicaragua,  Philippines,  Fiji Islands,  Malta,  Latvia,  Ivory Coast,  Montenegro,  Jordan,  Equatorial Guinea,  San Marino,  Turkey,  Cape Verde,  Kosovo,  Algeria,  Spain,  Uruguay,  Japan,  Panama,  Syria,  Dominican Republic,  Malaysia,  Maldives,  Romania,  Georgia,  Slovenia,  Bangladesh,  Switzerland,  Denmark,  Cyprus,  South Africa,  Saudi Arabia,  Sudan,  Comoros,  Zambia,  East-Timor,  Paraguay,  Mexico,  Israel,  Papua New Guinea,  Ireland,  Liberia,  Gambia,  Bahamas,  Eritrea,  Guatemala,  North Korea,  Finland,  Kazakhstan,  United Kingdom,  Lesotho,  Chad,  Lebanon,  Luxembourg,  Tanzania,  Brunei Darussalam,  Myanmar,  France,  Russia,  Togo,  Haiti,  Angola,  Azerbaijan,  Afghanistan,  Germany,  Qatar,  Thailand,  Uzbekistan,  Burundi,  Trinidad and Tobago,  Djibouti,  Canada,  Ghana,  Suriname,  Turkmenistan,  Costa Rica,  Andorra,  United States,  Venezuela,  Niger,  Sweden,  Poland,  South Korea,  Namibia,  Kuwait,  Iceland,  Lithuania,  Greece,  United Arab Emirates,  Serbia,  Nigeria,  Macedonia,  Czech Republic,  Sri Lanka,  Zimbabwe,  Estonia,  Guinea,  Yemen,  Italy,  Chile,  Macau SAR,  Gabon,  Palestinian Territories,  Moldova,  Seychelles,  Mauritania,  Madagascar,  Oman,  Liechtenstein,  Guinea-Bissau,  Laos,  Vietnam,  Benin,  Bulgaria,  Senegal,  Tunisia,  Guyana,  Monaco,  China,  Cameroon,  Belize,  Belarus,  Swaziland,  Kyrgyzstan,  Libya,  Kenya,  El Salvador,  Rwanda,  Portugal,  Grenada,  Botswana,  Honduras,  Peru,  Egypt,  Belgium,  Mauritius,  Armenia,  New Zealand,  Malawi,  Brazil,  Bahrain,  Ukraine,  Hong Kong SAR,  Netherlands,  Singapore,  Taiwan,  Bhutan,  Bolivia,  Tajikistan,  Mali,  India,  Burkina Faso,  Jamaica,  Uganda,  Mozambique,  Central African Republic,  Congo,  Hungary,  Tonga,  Cambodia,  Australia,  Vanuatu,  Somalia,  Pakistan,  Nepal,  Mongolia,  Sierra Leone,  Norway
Languages spoken: Bengali, English, Hindi, Urdu
Date of creation: 2007
Number of employees: 23
Annual sales revenue: 2000000
A member of:

(baffa) Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association





References and clients: Reve Tex, Square, Claypot USA Fashion, Century Digitech Services, Trust International, Viator Bangladesh Ltd.,Etc


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