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Main Area of Expertise: Admiralty and Maritime Law in Spain

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Overview of LDC Abogados


Larrotcha y Del Campo Abogados provides expert legal advice and representation in Commercial Law, Transportation Law, Corportate Law and Civil Law.

The work and effort of its members have allowed that the Firm places itself among the national leaders in the Law of Transport covering the three areas of the sector: Air, Maritime and Terrestrial.

We must emphasize the remarkable international dimension of our areas of expertise, and that is why our legal team is not only used to to work fluently in Spanish, English and French, but they understand very well, and are ready to meet with efficiency the needs of their foreign clients with legal affairs in Spain.

   In addition, due to the Firm’s international projection and the experience and knowledge of its professionals, it has been capable of fighting, as well as, of advising and solving successfully the numerous and different matters that have been appearing to it all along its existence.

Category of expertise: Spain: Admiralty and Maritime Law , Arbitration, Commercial Law, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Labor Law
Primary location: MADRID, Spain
Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish
Date of creation: 0CTOBER 2004
Number of employees: 6




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