Specialized Int'L Merchanting in India


Specialized Int'L Merchanting, India

Main Area of Expertise: Business Development in India

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I am a career specialist cum entrepreneur in international Merchanting.Armed with hands on/and self studied exposure for over two decades, I am heading LNB CONSORTIUM to expand globally with 'a global intent' to serve and grow with associates anywhere around the globe.

we have diverse business segments:

We are open for the following:-

1.to represent Overseas companies in India[selective basis]

2.open for jv+alliances for india entry[selective basis]

3.we are open to act/or join as channeling or biz partner for new 

biz development in the sun rise sectors and sectors with high potentials

>because we know India better.

4.we solicit strong business partners for expanding merchanting activities

Both-Imports-and exports.

Category of expertise: India: Business Development , Business Start-Up Services, Starting In Import/Export, International Trade Consulting, Sourcing Services, Due Diligence, Chemical Sales and Distribution, Food/Agricultural Sales and Distribution
Primary location: Mumbai, India
Date of creation: 2003
Number of employees: 5
Annual sales revenue:




References and clients: 1.we solicit business communication interface in expanding 'international merchanting activities'! >agribusiness >chemicals >metals/minerals/Scraps etc 2.we solicit partnering in equipment rentals >farm equipments >construction equipments >mining equipments 3.we can represent overseas entities in India/on a selective basis. 4.we solicit business partners to bring investments for >merchanting activities >new business jv+alliances >in alloy +sponge iron+food processing sectors+hotels+resorts etc. 5.sky is the limit-with the right intention and 'fair business practices'! Regards L N Bhola Lnb.Consoritum@gmail.com M-+91.93 23 14 63 59 Mumbai-India

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