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Hearing Solution provider, Egypt

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Experience the full richness of natural sound

Launched to extend a 30 year leading legacy in supporting hearing- impaired people in Egypt, Meydum specializes in offering cutting-edge retail services of seamless hearing aid products and comprehensive audiology services, designed to stimulate natural hearing & speech understanding experiences at any given situation. 

At Meydum, we pledge efficiency and excellence by professionally crafting a wide-spectrum of hearing aid solutions to meet consumers’ varied needs; from testing patients’ hearing levels while providing meticulous fitments upon those tests to 24/7 after sales support and efficient maintenance upon request.

Our commitment to always innovate and invest in diligent research drives us to understand each patient’s specific needs to provide a variety of quality solutions enabling a fulfilling life with no limitations. Meydum’s team of dedicated professionals, renowned in the local market for years of “know-ho

Category of expertise: Egypt: Medical Products Sales and Distribution 
Primary location: Cairo, Egypt
Languages spoken: English , Arabic, German
Number of employees: 8




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