Electronic Components Supplier in Australia

Mondo Electronics 2000 Pty Ltd

Electronic Components Supplier, Australia

Main Area of Expertise: Distributors in Australia

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Overview of Mondo Electronics 2000 Pty Ltd


Experts in electronic components sourcing, fixing supply shortages when there are long factory lead-times or devices are at or near obsolete/EOL (end of life) status.

Mondo can source any brand and any electronic components that go onto a PCB including:

- Active/Passive Components (IC’s, connectors, inductors, capacitors, resistors, diodes…)
- Semiconductors
- Electrical & Circuit Protection Devices
- Power Supply Products
- Optoelectronics
- Wire/Cable Accessories

Category of expertise: Australia: Distributors , Sourcing Services, Electronics/Telecom. Sales and Distribution
Primary location: Perth, Australia
Languages spoken: English, French, German, Italian, Korean
Date of creation: 1993
Number of employees: 10




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