Commodity trader for Sodexpo   in Tunisia


Commodity trader for Sodexpo, Tunisia

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Dear Sir or Madam,

SODEXPO is a Tunisian Company Specialized in the production, packaging and export of Deglet Nour and other fruits and vegetables from Tunisia.
SODEXPO is a company dedicated to selecting the best quality at the most competitive price while providing the best treatment for its product and making sure it is sent in the best cconditions to our customers. Our motto is to strive for excellence and our corporate culture seeks the mastery of our professional domain.
Our products:
Deglet Nour (Dates); if Tunisia produces over “One Hundred” variety of dates, we handpicked the best of them for our customers. Indeed, Deglet Nour is classified amongst the best variety of dates in the world, if not simply the best.


Pomegranate:  it is the byproduct of “the most important Mediterranean Oasis found in Gabes” (south east of Tunisia). Our pomegranates are seedless and they have a very balanced sugary taste.
Water Melon: this sun fruit is a Mediterranean luscious delicacy” per excellence”. Our high quality water melon will charm you with a delightful and balanced taste. We harvest it starting from the middle of the month of May until August.
Tomatoes: thanks to the right combination of factors such as the “geo thermal” water sources found in southern Tunisia and the earth quality of a well endowed land, we have managed to supply a first grade extra quality of tomato (a fact observed both in its size and in its gorgeous taste) throughout the winter season all the way to the spring (from November to April).
Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  Our highest quality of olive oil is pure and luscious in the pure Mediterranean tradition. It is characterized by a perfect flavor and odor and it is most delicate in flavor. Ours comes in various packages and sizes.
Olives: they are packed whole or sliced; they come from the same blessed tree from which we extract our world renowned extra healthy olive oil. They are available in various packages and sizes or they can be adjusted custom made to the needs of our customers.



Primary location: Tinisia, Tunisia




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