Niigata Trading Co., Ltd.

We Are Sake Exporter Of Japan, Japan

Main Area of Expertise: Export Management in Japan

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Overview of Niigata Trading Co., Ltd.


Niigata Trading Co., Ltd. is trading company established in 1975 specializing in export of quality alcoholic beverages from Japan including Sake, Liqueur, Shochu spirits, Awamori spirits, Japanese Rum, Beer, Ale and Stout, etc. with quality Japanese foods.

Category of expertise: Japan: Export Management , Food/Agricultural Sales and Distribution
Primary location: Niigata, Japan
Languages spoken: Chinese, English, Japanese
Date of creation: June 14,1975
Number of employees: 5
A member of:

Japan Chamber of Commers

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References and clients: Main Market ... South-east Asia including Indonesia and Malaysia.

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