Agrochemicals And Fungicides in Brazil

Oxiquimica Agroindustrial

Agrochemicals And Fungicides, Brazil

Main Area of Expertise: Agribusiness Consulting in Brazil

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Overview of Oxiquimica Agroindustrial


Oxiquimica is a traditional brazilian company specialized in Agro Nutrition and Protection. Since 1991, our biggest commitment is to provide high quality products and all the necessary support the client needs to evolve its activities.
We would like to have the opportunity to introduce our agricutural line of products.
Our company offers a vast portfolio of plant nutrition, including more than 140 products registered with the Ministry of Agriculture. They are products from simple elements to mixtures of micronutrients, macronutrients, organic carbon, amino acids.

For the plants protection, the company is specialized in fungicides based on copper (copper oxychloride and copper hydroxide) in wettable powder and suspension forms concentrated. We also have an adjuvant / sticker will spread vegetable oil.

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Category of expertise: Brazil: Agribusiness Consulting 
Primary location: Jaboticabal, Brazil
Date of creation: 1991
Number of employees: 130
A member of:

Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia

Brazil-California Chamber of Commerce

Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Inc.





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