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Main Area of Expertise: Freight Forwarder in Indonesia

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Overview of Nominasi Cargo


Nominasi Cargo is a visualization of world-class freight forwarding company which aims of providing high quality handling and shipping services.

With 22 years of experience in the cargo industry and good track record in providing service of excellence, Nominasi Cargo have various clients botyh businesses and individuals for their handling and shipping requirements.

Nominasi Cargo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of  Suryatravel a prominent group of companies based in the Island of Bali with more than two decades of business experience. Its highly-diversified business portfolio includes , freight forwarder, warehousing,, air ticketing, hotel reservation, tour and travel, application service provider, general sales agent , parcel delivery, exporter handicraft &  furniture manufacture, immigration service, and etc.

With comprehensive services, whatever you company is or whatever your requirements are, Nominasi Cargo is the right partner for all your freight forwarding needs.

Category of expertise: Indonesia: Freight Forwarder , Travel Agency, Travel Information, Car Rental Services, Travel Insurance, Visa Services, Customs Brokerage
Primary location: Indonesia,
Other Locations Iran,  Colombia,  Austria,  Slovakia,  Morocco,  Croatia,  Ecuador,  Bosnia and Herzegovina,  F.S. of Micronesia,  Argentina,  Ethiopia,  D.P. Congo,  Iraq,  Albania,  Indonesia,  Cuba,  Nicaragua,  Philippines,  Fiji Islands,  Malta,  Latvia,  Ivory Coast,  Montenegro,  Jordan,  Equatorial Guinea,  San Marino,  Turkey,  Cape Verde,  Kosovo,  Algeria,  Spain,  Uruguay,  Japan,  Panama,  Syria,  Dominican Republic,  Malaysia,  Maldives,  Romania,  Georgia,  Slovenia,  Bangladesh,  Switzerland,  Denmark,  Cyprus,  South Africa,  Saudi Arabia,  Sudan,  Comoros,  Zambia,  East-Timor,  Paraguay,  Mexico,  Israel,  Papua New Guinea,  Ireland,  Liberia,  Gambia,  Bahamas,  Eritrea,  Guatemala,  North Korea,  Finland,  Kazakhstan,  United Kingdom,  Lesotho,  Chad,  Lebanon,  Luxembourg,  Tanzania,  Brunei Darussalam,  Myanmar,  France,  Russia,  Togo,  Haiti,  Angola,  Azerbaijan,  Afghanistan,  Germany,  Qatar,  Thailand,  Uzbekistan,  Burundi,  Trinidad and Tobago,  Djibouti,  Canada,  Ghana,  Suriname,  Turkmenistan,  Costa Rica,  Andorra,  United States,  Venezuela,  Niger,  Sweden,  Poland,  South Korea,  Namibia,  Kuwait,  Iceland,  Lithuania,  Greece,  United Arab Emirates,  Serbia,  Nigeria,  Macedonia,  Czech Republic,  Sri Lanka,  Zimbabwe,  Estonia,  Guinea,  Yemen,  Italy,  Chile,  Macau SAR,  Gabon,  Palestinian Territories,  Moldova,  Seychelles,  Mauritania,  Madagascar,  Oman,  Liechtenstein,  Guinea-Bissau,  Laos,  Vietnam,  Benin,  Bulgaria,  Senegal,  Tunisia,  Guyana,  Monaco,  China,  Cameroon,  Belize,  Belarus,  Swaziland,  Kyrgyzstan,  Libya,  Kenya,  El Salvador,  Rwanda,  Portugal,  Grenada,  Botswana,  Honduras,  Peru,  Egypt,  Belgium,  Mauritius,  Armenia,  New Zealand,  Malawi,  Brazil,  Bahrain,  Ukraine,  Hong Kong SAR,  Netherlands,  Singapore,  Taiwan,  Bhutan,  Bolivia,  Tajikistan,  Mali,  India,  Burkina Faso,  Jamaica,  Uganda,  Mozambique,  Central African Republic,  Congo,  Hungary,  Tonga,  Cambodia,  Australia,  Vanuatu,  Somalia,  Pakistan,  Nepal,  Mongolia,  Sierra Leone,  Norway
Date of creation: 1987
Number of employees: 12
Annual sales revenue: USD 100.000
A member of:

International Business Association

International Trade Alliance

International Council for Small Business


International Association of Exhibitions & Events


International Trade & Customs Broker Association, Inc.





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