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Main Area of Expertise: Sales Agents in Senegal

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West Africa Trade Link is an African company dedicated to trade facilitation with focused on the West African markets. We serve exporters as international sales agents for the sale and distribution of its products, in turn supports imports from West Africa to  search for products, negotiating with manufacturing, product development, quality assurance in the delivery and logistics.

Our company actively supports both exporters and importers in West African markets, in the search and product placement, negotiating with buyers and sellers at the destination, and legal support collection, development of own brands and intelligence markets.

West Africa Trade Link, Inc; is also  specialized in sales representation of foreign manufacturers in the West African market. West Africa Trade Link, Inc; also provides market research & analysis, procurement, export and import assistance, international trade consultancy, translations, and other services.

Category of expertise: Senegal: Sales Agents , Sourcing Services
Primary location: Senegal




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