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Global Sourcing & Procurement, United States

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Overview of Professional Global Exchange Inc.


Professional Global Exchange Inc focuses on the centric needs of our clients through our domain expertise in global sourcing and procurement strategies.  With offices in China, Buenos Aires Argentina, and Eugene, Oregon we offer a collection of services from direct procurment on the clients behalf to major export of processed and un-processed goods.

We have chosen to establish specific branches of PGX in locations the both offer diversity in supply chain while further offering  quickly growing GDP.  We believe a strategy in which we call "boots on the ground".  This allows our team to be working hard for our clinets among the native customs and cultures.   This strategy has proven historically valuable.


Category of expertise: Argentina: Custom Manufacturing, Sourcing Services
United States: Custom Manufacturing, Sourcing Services
China: Custom Manufacturing, Sourcing Services
Primary location: Eugene, OR, United States
Other Locations China,  Argentina
Date of creation: August 2011
Number of employees: 5
Annual sales revenue: + $1,000,000
A member of:

Small Business Exporters Association





References and clients: University of Oregon Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 4J School District Umpqua Indian Utility Cooperative City of Eugene, Eugene Airport

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