Market Entry Strategy Consulta in Canada


Market Entry Strategy Consulta, Canada

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Overview of Rmagine


Market Entry Strategists.
Experts,Advisers on entry into Indian and Middle Eastern Markets.
Experts & Enablers on the North American Market- Canada & the US. 

Across Canada & the US there is an increasing belief that business needs to gear itself differently to meet the exacting demands of the future. And that it is time for a product or service’s ambition to stretch beyond its current market.
If you are looking towards the rest of the globe, Rmagine can be your Market Entry Strategist for two markets: Middle East- comprising the wealthiest nations of the world; and India- home to a billion consumers.
Alternatively, if you are a business in the Middle East or India, looking for a partner from North America or looking to invest in a business in the US or Canada, we could be your consultant.
Our purpose is two fold:
To ignite change, pace, ideas & growth into businesses
Be the opportunity catalyst & matchmaker for Canadian, US, Indian & Middle Eastern businesses

Category of expertise: Canada: Foreign Direct investment, Market Entry
India: Foreign Direct investment, Market Entry
Saudi Arabia: Market Entry
United Arab Emirates: Market Entry
Primary location: Toronto, Canada
Languages spoken: English
Date of creation: April, 2009
A member of:

The Indus Entrepreneurs





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