Substrate Neem Micro-Organism in Spain


Substrate Neem Micro-Organism, Spain

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Overview of SOJIVIT, S. L.


Sojivit is developing a line of products specialized in sustainable agriculture since the year 2004, under Agroitems's trade name.

This commercial line stands out by the quality and innovation of our products and our aptitude to adapt ourselves to the needs of our clients.

Agroitems stands out in the market for having a wide range of products developed with our own technology using microorganisms. In addition, our respect for the environment has taken us to the creation of residue free and innocuous products, safe for human beings, animals and plants.

All these factors have allowed us to position our company on the international market creating the bases for an excellent projection of future.

Primary location: SEGORBE, Spain
Other Locations China,  India
Date of creation: 1995
Number of employees: 10
Annual sales revenue: 4 MILLION EURO




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