SafeRock Minerals Ltd owns SafeRock Agri in United Kingdom

SafeRock Minerals Ltd

SafeRock Minerals Ltd owns SafeRock Agri, United Kingdom

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SafeRock Minerals Ltd owns the natural mineral resource which has been branded as SafeRock Agri.

This totally natural resource was created by the geological action of the continental shelf pushing sedimentary deposits up from the sea bed creating the surface deposits recently discovered in Northern Ireland. The resource is crushed to powder and is 100% recoverable with no additives being used or waste being created.

SafeRock Agri is a 100 percent natural resource which has been certified for organic use as a mineral soil conditioner. It is a slow release natural mineral resource which can be used to decrease our dependence on chemical fertilisers as it contains many of the minerals and trace elements essential for healthy crops and livestock through the stimulation of microbial and earthworm activity.

Category of expertise: United Kingdom: Metal Sales and Distribution 
Primary location: Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom
Other Locations India,  Ireland
Languages spoken: English , English, Hindi
Number of employees: 10


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    Hi, Happy to hear that you are dealing with soil conditioners. We are the bulk suppliers of "Coco Peat Soil conditioners" which are famous for there air porosity and water retention. you can visit us on Regards

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SafeRock Minerals Ltd owns SafeRock Agri:United Kingdom

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