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Overview of Scarborough Research


Scarborough brings the local market to life like no other company. With eyes and ears on the ground in neighborhoods across the country, we measure, reflect and analyze American consumer trends and behaviors. Then we turn it all into accessible, actionable data services that shine a powerful light on your audience or consumer segment.Why local? Local consumer information has never been more important. People have an endless array of marketing messages and media vehicle devices in front of them at any given moment. Local trends help sort through this onslaught of information, and can unlock powerful consumer insights about what will matter to consumers today and tomorrow—no matter the platform, medium, or device.  From traditional ads and loyalty programs, to incentivizing via discounts and coupons and even political messages, possessing actionable local insights is imperative. Our locally-focused insights mean our customers benefit from a much deeper and more accurate understanding of 

Category of expertise: United States: Market Research 
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Primary location: New York, NY, United States
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