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Overview of Shanlu Coir Machine


We are Shanlu Industry in the south of China where is an island with many trees of the coconut. As a factory we have produced the coco fibre machines by 10 years. In passed years, we have updated our machines continuously. So far, our machine can produces coco fiber faster, cleaner and cheaper. It is easier for user to install than another machines made from another country. We have exported it to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Dominican Republic. They are working well in these areas.
Now, we can supply 3 series of coco machines as follow.
1. Coco fiber machines series.
2. Coir sheet machines series.
3. Cocopeat machines series.

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Category of expertise: China: Machinery Sales and Distribution 
Primary location: Hiakou, China
Languages spoken: Chinese , English
Date of creation: 1998.1.1
Number of employees: 15




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