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Apparel Manufacturer, United States

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Overview of Spectrum Ideas, LLC


Spectrum Ideas, LLC is committed to the idea that fashion is not just a way we make a living, but a way of life, a lifestyle.

Our team here at Spectrum Ideas LLC consists of the best sourcing / production and costing specialist in the world. We will place your product in the most efficient and effective location possible. This through heavy trending of worldwide markets in a fluctuating worldwide economy.We analyze the global and domestic fashion trends to forecast and implement into your brand, as per your signature. Our manufacturing capabilities are endless.

Our vision is centric and market friendly. We want to move with the market, and take our customers with us, by planning a head of the market through our extensive research and development.

Primary location: New York City, United States
Date of creation: 2007
Number of employees: 6
Annual sales revenue: 1 -2.5 Million
A member of:

American Economic Association

Greater New York Chamber of Commerce

Global Marketing Support Services





References and clients: Certified M/WBE with the State of New York Minority Business Enterprise 5 Star Rated Vertical Apparel and Accessory Supplier Global Sourcing Design House and Apparel Manufacturer

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