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Overview of Strategic Focus Research & Consultancy Ltd


Strategic Focus is a full service market research company based in Hong Kong and conducts both qualitative and quantitative studies in China since 1996.

We are a company with great passion in delivering the best quality services to our clients. Our expertise starts from the designing of innovative research to generating insights to delivering value. We recommend the best and most effective research methodology in reaching our client's objectives.

Through the years, we have worked with blue-chip multi-national clients and have also helped leading advertising agencies and renowned international marketing research consultants to perform research studies in China.

We believed that being able to communicate well in local language is an important component to good qualitative reseearch. That is why, we will only use one moderator to run all groups/depths across markets so that you can have the consistency of questionning and the efficiency in identifying key similarities and differences across markets.

Category of expertise: China: Market Research 
Primary location: Wanchai, China
Languages spoken: Chinese, English
Date of creation: 1996
Number of employees: 12
Annual sales revenue: USD2 million




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