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Overview of Tempesta & Partners Consulting


The TEMPESTA & PARTNERS CONSULTING is a society of service and formation created to supply services supporting the Business Direction of the PMI manufacturer and of the service.
The purpose of the T.&P.C. is therefore to provide the employer in the management, formation, motivation and control of the selling network,  as in Italy  or broad, even though it hasn’t been enough, it didn’t seem  like a complete service, we have tried to go further, in fact,  as far as regarding the exportation activity and surroundings, that in normally called internationalization, we have noted that the biggest problem of PMI is the individuation of the distributors and clients abroad and consequently we have organized ourselves in that manner.
The society making use of series of contacts development during the years, has been able to consolidate a network of transfer professionals in different part of the world, through potential buyers or distributers for the clients of the T.&P.C. 

Category of expertise: Italy: Management Consulting, International Trade Consulting
Worldwide: Business Development, International Trade Consulting, Market Research, Marketing Consulting, Export Management, Wholesalers
Primary location: Teramo, Italy
Number of employees: 5
A member of:

Chambre of Commerce





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