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Main Area of Expertise: Corporate Law in India

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Trustman Management Consultant Pvt. Limited a full service Firm based at Delhi in India. Trustman draws on the resources of a vast network of independently practicing legal associates it has in different parts of the country giving the firm a pan India footprint. Law Firm renders specialized services for setting up new business/projects and helps its clients by complying with all regulatory compliance as per the law of land for smooth running of the business so that its clients can concentrate on their business.

Category of expertise: India: Corporate Law , Process Outsourcing, Business Administration, Intellectual Property Law, Property Law, Commercial Law, Arbitration, Bankruptcy Law, Accounting Services
Primary location: New Delhi, India
A member of:

Federation of International Business Associations

New York State Bar Association





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  • Legal Outsourcing India

    Outsourcing is defined as the "the process of transferring an existing business function, including the relevant physical and/or human assets, to an external provider in order to strategically use outside resources to perform activities previously handled in-house. Outsourcing involves transferring a significant amount of management control and decision-making to the outside supplier. Buying products from another entity is not outsourcing or out-tasking, but merely a vendor relationship. Likewise, buying services from a provider is not necessarily outsourcing or out-tasking. Outsourcing always involves a considerable degree of two-way information exchange, coordination, and trust.

    (posted on: 14 February 2010)
  • Patent Law India

    Patent law has been formulated with an objective to promote and protect the inventions and methods. The object of granting a patent is to encourage and develop science, technology and industry. A patent can be defined as a grant of exclusive rights to an inventor over his invention for a limited period of time. The exclusive rights conferred include the right to make, use, exercise, sell or distribute the invention in India. The term of a patent is twenty years, after the expiry of which, the invention would fall into the public domain.

    (posted on: 14 February 2010)
  • Arbitration Law India

    Arbitrator is a technically name of a person selected with reference to an established system for friendly determination of controversy which, though not judicial, yet is regulated by law; so that the powers and duties of the arbitrator, when once he is chosen, are prescribed by law, and his doings may be judicially revised if he has exceeded his authority. Thus, the arbitrator is a private, disinterested person, chosen by the parties to a disputed question, for the purpose of hearing their contentions, and giving judgment between them, to whose decision, called “award”, the litigants submit themselves either voluntary, or, in some cases, compulsorily, by order of court

    (posted on: 14 February 2010)
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