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Overview of Userlytics Corporation


Userlytics provides qualitative research, within the homes or offices of participants, anywhere in the world, at any level of demographic specificity.

We do this through a technological innovation that captures a 360º audiovisual recording of participants conducting tasks, reacting to content and interacting with assets and prototypes, within their own homes or workplaces.

In other words, within their own setting and context, with no bias of other participants, labs etc, we see them, their surroundings, what they do and what they say, all in one synchronized and composited video.

The barriers to participation are very low (participants do not need to leave their homes of offices, and can schedule their test on their own time and schedule), so the universe of potential participants is vastly expanded.

In conjunction with the targeting power of social media, contextual and behavioural ad networks, this allows us to conduct projects at almost any level of demographic specificity (e.g.: Indonesian families with x household income and teenage children wishing to spend the summer in Europe, or Florida women over the age of Y who have borrowed against their 401 K in the last Z months)

Also, this results in the ability to conduct and deliver projects in a matter of days or even hours, whether on a weekday or over a weekend.

The costs of conducting sessions remotely is also significantly lower than traditional methods

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