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Sales Agents Morocco, Morocco

Main Area of Expertise: B2B Marketing in Morocco

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Overview of Zaynab


Hello , we are owners of the Famous Zaynab Bazaar in Tanger Morocco since 1974 , and as the children grows , we grow our locations and services , Due to customers demands, we opened our North America Location in Phoenix Arizona,USA in 2004, its being used as a sample shipping to our North American Customers , as well as checking new products being offered to Morocco , and north Africa in General , since early 2000, we have been offering our years on experience to clients looking to import from Morocco, or export to the country.

 If you have a product you might think will do well in a third world country,yet fast moving, and would like to try, we are your very best source to do just that , we know the big players , after all , the country is relatively small ,we can give you a very clear idea what to expect , and what not to expect , sometimes for less than the cost of a plane ticket, we can get a study in a language and numbers you will understand , including laws and regulations , so you can decide for yourself to pursue the though , and make an end to it, without spending a fortun. in another word , we are for HIRE.

   We are from morocco.

Category of expertise: Morocco: B2B Marketing , Interpreting, Advertising, Business Development, Direct Marketing, Event/Tradeshow Services
Primary location: Tanger, Morocco
Other Locations United States
Date of creation: 2006
Number of employees: 4
Annual sales revenue: under 1000000
A member of:






References and clients: Naima Ahajjam. Owner of Ala Saloons In Morocco 212 662 115488 Nabil Raso. Owner of Babouches Des Maroc. USA. 602 416 1680

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