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Main Useful Means of Transport
The main means of transport in Algeria, for import and export, is by sea. The main commercial ports are: Algiers (10 071 292 tonnes), Oran (3 879 581 tonnes), Annaba (5 175 759 tonnes) and Djendjen (1 379 359 tonnes) ; they total 75% of port traffic (apart from hydrocarbons). The port of Algiers is the leading commercial port in the country. The global volume of traffic registered by these ports during 2006 was 126.92 million tonnes, of which 99.96 were exports and 26.95 imports. For further information, see the UNECE presentation of Algerian ports.


Nevertheless, according to the Ministry of Transport, all the airport services management companies (EGSA) together registered, in 2004, an increase of 553 tonnes of the volume of freight handled, that is a rise of +2%. Air Algérie, the country's main airline, registered for its part an increase of +7.38% of the volume of freight handled in 2004 which thus came to 23 043 tonnes versus 21 459 tonnes in 2003.

The distances to be traveled by land are long. The motorway network is still limited. In the absence of reliable statistics on the activity of private sector road transport, it is very difficult to estimate the real volume of goods traveling by road in Algeria.

The National Rail Transport Company (SNTF) carried 8.293 million tonnes of goods in 2004 versus 8.162 million tonnes in 2003.

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